Listo Distance Part 3

Listo distance

“Get Out” and “Here”.  What we want to teach the dog is that when pressure is applied to the path the dog responds with moving away.  That is the “get out” command.  When pressure is released the dog moves in closer.  This is the “here” command.  Based on the dogs training, the dog will naturally want to draw in closer or maintain momentum on the chosen committed path.  I would only use the “here” command if I wanted my dog to deviate from the committed path.  To do this I release pressure and move away from the path and I make sure my dog knows I have done this with either the dog’s name or the “here” command.  In the video you will notice that when I want my dog to move away I lift my arm and say “get out”.  I usually back that up with a target obstacle for my dog to look and commit to.  The first moment I ask Listo to move away to the jump.  I then use a second “get out” command to move him further away towards the weave poles.  I have lifted my arm up higher trying to indicate the idea that I want him to stay out.  In a way I am giving the impression of adding pressure and consequently asking for more distance.  Giving him his obstacle command keeps him focused on task.

When Listo comes around again I use the same body language for the first jump and then I turn with him and I keep my arms quiet.  Listo responds by coming in closer and this presents the teeter as his choice obstacle!

When you are playing the game Gamblers, it is important to try and keep away from the line.  The reason is not because you will fault if you touch the line but instead it is so you can have the option of moving in towards your dog if they come in closer off the path you want them on!

I hope you have enjoyed this little video break down of Listo’s distance training.  Hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas and Holiday Season!  The blog posts will return in the New Year!  I will be preparing Listo for his first trial and I look forward to returning to competition.  Listo will be a pleasure to run.  He certainly continues to be a pleasure to train!!