Chad Marquis is the owner and head agility instructor of All Agility located between Cambridge and Guelph. Chad has been involved in various aspects of dog training for over 25 years and agility training for over 20 years.  In that time he has trained, competed, and earned titles in flyball, agility, obedience and herding.  Chad’s first Agility dog, a Border Collie named “Darla” OTCH Lukan’s For What it’s Worth AG.X was the first Border Collie to be awarded a Novice Agility title and Excellent Agility Title by the Canadian Kennel Club.  Darla also achieved titles at the top level of USDAA and NADAC.  Darla and Chad won the 22” division at the first ever AAC Ontario Regionals in 2001. After a very successful career as a regular and veteran dog Darla retired in 2004 at the age of eleven.

Chad’s second dog “Echo” Lukan’s Sugar Kisses Am CDX, is an 11-year-old Border Collie. She has a long list of achievements in various sports that include:


  • ONYX award in Flyball
  • ATChC, Bronze Achievement (AAC)
  • NATCH  from NADAC
  • MX and MXJ from AKC
  • Echo competed at the top level in the USDAA, NADAC, AAC, AKC and CKC.
  • Other achievements include qualifying for the AAC Nationals 6 years in a row and winning the 22” Regular Division in 2004.
  • At the Nationals, Echo and Chad placed 1st in 2004 in Montreal and 2nd in 2005 in Saskatoon in the 22” Regular Division.
  • Echo and Chad were the first 22” team to win a Regional and National event in the same year!
  • In 2006 he qualified Echo to represent Canada in the IFCS World Championships held in The Netherlands.  They finished 8th overall in the Individual All Around and 8th overall in the Biathlon.
  • In 2006, Echo placed 1st at a USDAA Grand Prix Qualifier, earning a bye at a Super Regional.  Chad and Echo also earned their Snooker Master Title in USDAA.
  • In 2007, Echo and Chad qualified for the AKC Nationals to be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma in March 2008.
  • In 2007, Echo and Chad won their division at Steeplechase Championships in August of 2007.

“Splash” Terri’s She’s So Swell, an Australian Kelpie is Chad’s third dog.  Splash saw some light competition in 2006 in the USDAA and NADAC.  In 2007, Splash was entered in a USDAA Grand Prix Qualifier and placed 3rd in the 22” Regular Division.  Splash and Chad qualified for the 2007 AAC Nationals and placed 9th in the 26” Regular Division. Together as a team they went on to place in the top 10 3 other years at Nationals with a third place finish in 2014 in the 16” Veterans class. In qualifying for the 2014 Nationals, Splash and Chad were the 16” Ontario West Regionals Champions, and with the exception of 2007, where they placed 14th out of 67 dogs they together as a team finished in the top 10 every year. Splash is also the fastest to ATChC in AAC history and is the first and only scratch ATChC. After the 2014 Nationals Splash became semi-retired with only a few AAC runs at trials held at Companion Dog Training.

“Saga”, a Hungarian Vizsla, began her agility career with Chad in 2007.  Saga is owned by Hans and Johanna Handke.  Chad finished Saga’s training and started running her in AKC events.  Saga competed at the Excellent level in the AKC.  In 2008 Saga began showing in the CKC. Chad and Saga also competed in AAC where she finished her ATChC with Chad and also qualified every year she entered in Regionals for the Nationals.

Apex “McCann’s Sky High” came to Chad in 2007. Apex started his training in herding and obedience and then agility. Apex has his herding titles in both the CKC and AKC at the Beginner Levels. As a team they also competed at the Double Diamond Herding Trials in 2015 and won the Novice/ Novice title! Apex has agility titles in AKC, CKC and AAC. Apex has his Excellent title in CKC and his ATChC in AAC. Apex and Chad competed in 7 Ontario Regionals. 5 out of 7 they placed in the top 10. In 2016 they finished 2nd place. Together they went to 4 Nationals with an 8th place finish in 2013. In that year they made the 2014 IFCS World Team as First Alternate and travelled to The Netherlands. In The Netherlands Chad and Apex were not called upon to compete but had the opportunity to demonstrate courses in front of the World as the White Dog. The White Dog is a handler team that executes the courses as a demonstration of how the sequences will run in competition. Together they represented Canada very well and had a couple clean performances. One of their highlights was teaming together with China to demonstrate the Team Relay event at the end of the competition. Chad and Apex continue to trial in AAC and some UKI events.

In 2013 at the Edmonton AAC Nationals, Chad met a dog that he thought represented the qualities that he would be looking for in his next competition dog. Chad pursued that particular bloodline and in 2017 is proud to welcome “Listo” as his next up and coming trialing dog.

After many years as head agility instructor at Companion Dog Training, Chad created ALL AGILITY, located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.  Chad presents many different workshops such as Distance Work, Jumping and Games (Snooker and Gamblers). He has also been a guest instructor at a K9 Sports Camp in California.

Chad has a great love of the sport of agility and enjoys passing that knowledge on to others interested in the sport. His International experience has led him to encouraging others to compete at that level but also enjoys teaching those who are new to the sport and sharing that passion with others. Chad has the ability to bring out the best in all breeds and enjoys through positive methods showing handlers how to keep their dogs motivated and becoming good team members for their canine companions.