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October 8 - November 12
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How do I know my dog is ready to trial?

That is a question I am often asked. I think that can be answered by examining the progression of your training.   First and foremost, can your dog execute all equipment properly and safely with minimal assistance and in sequence?  Second, does your dog respond to your handling cues you both have been learning with some …

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Listo’s dogwalk training from the beginning

We’re going to  continue from where I left off in December.  In the beginning stages I am still training the dogwalk in two different segments.  One is confidence with the 3 different sections and the other is the target training. With the 3 sections I continue to have my dog run up a plank, run …

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Listo’s dogwalk training from the beginning

In this post I will outline what you need to do to start.  I will introduce the puppy (or dog) to an elevated plank (the top board) and an ascending plank.  I will guide the dog by the collar to help them understand the idea of staying on.  I also do this to keep them …

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About Us

Chad Marquis is the owner and head agility instructor of All Agility located between Cambridge and Guelph. Chad has been involved in various aspects of dog training for over 25 years and agility training for over 20 years.  In that time he has trained, competed, and earned titles in flyball, agility, obedience and herding.  Chad’s first Agility dog, a Border Collie named “Darla” OTCH Lukan’s For What it’s Worth AG.X was the first Border Collie to be awarded a Novice Agility title and Excellent Agility Title by the Canadian Kennel Club.  Darla also achieved titles at the top level of USDAA and NADAC.  Darla and Chad won the 22” division at the first ever AAC Ontario Regionals in 2001. After a very successful career as a regular and veteran dog Darla retired in 2004 at the age of eleven.

Chad’s second dog “Echo” Lukan’s Sugar Kisses Am CDX, is an 11-year-old Border Collie. She has a long list of achievements in various sports that include:


  • ONYX award in Flyball
  • ATChC, Bronze Achievement (AAC)
  • NATCH  from NADAC
  • MX and MXJ from AKC
  • Echo competed at the top level in the USDAA, NADAC, AAC, AKC and CKC.
  • Other achievements include qualifying for the AAC Nationals 6 years in a row and winning the 22” Regular Division in 2004.
  • At the Nationals, Echo and Chad placed 1st in 2004 in Montreal and 2nd in 2005 in Saskatoon in the 22” Regular Division.
  • Echo and Chad were the first 22” team to win a Regional and National event in the same year!
  • In 2006 he qualified Echo to represent Canada in the IFCS World Championships held in The Netherlands.  They finished 8th overall in the Individual All Around and 8th overall in theRead More

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