Listo and Channel Weaves

This time I kept the weaves at the same stage as last time.  I wanted to play a bit with his understanding.  He did have some impulse moments that led to mistakes.  He did not get his reward (toy and tug) if this mistake happened.  If it happened 2 times in a row I assessed what the problem was and changed it.  Anything more than 2 times and you start to develop a pattern.  When this happens and the dog doesn’t get rewarded they can shut down.  Important to assess and change something to make it easier.  If you have a dog that tires easily (mentally or physically), then take a break and come back.  Yes it is best to end on a good note but even better to keep the experience positive!!

Listo is able to try  again so I adjusted one of the wires so that it was higher.  This led to success.  Once we reestablished his skills in the poles, I started to test his weave command.  I would set him in a sit wait and then release him and say “weave” just before entering.  Once I established he would go to his entry, I started to test his knowledge.  I would do this by bringing him beside me and then turning together towards the weaves.  I would say “weave” and he would enter.  Then I started to send him ahead of me into the poles.  Joining him once he was in.  After that I increased the distance.  I went from 5 feet to 10 feet with him driving into the poles.  Only using his release word to start and then his “weave” command.

It may seem like we did a tonne of repetitions but I would say the most we did was 15 during the session.  It is important to me that he remain healthy.  A Border Collie has the ability to work through physical tiredness.  I always keep this in mind while training.  I don’t want to “break” him.  But I also want to strengthen him as well.  I try to make sure I monitor how long his tongue is coming out of his mouth and that I see a sign of intelligence in his eyes and that his body language is prepared and not sagging or drooping.  I have also noticed that he is hitting the poles a bit during training.  I don’t want him to feel that he has to do this so I think it is time to change him to 24″.  That’s for next time.  For now it’s time to head to and focus on Nationals!  (Apex, not Listo)