As usual for me I took a break from training after the AAC Nationals.  But it is time to get back to getting Listo trained!  Last time we did the channel weaves I mentioned that it was time for him to move to regulation poles because the shorter distance between poles was affecting his movement.  We also used the poles indoors for the first time.  For this set I put 3 wires on one end and 2 at the other.  One end had a wire removed at the beginning so that Listo had to choose the proper entry on his own.  Time to begin!

His drive was causing him to pop but he continued to show an interest to get back into the poles.  I didn’t acknowledge this in any way.  This continued to happen and I was a bit perplexed.  Then I realized that he was noticing the tunnel that was part of the class set up.  As I am writing this I realize I could have been smart and used the tunnel as his reward and also strung the two together after a nice completion of the poles!  But I didn’t so, back to figuring out how to fix it!  What I did was start from the opposite end.  Success!  Once I managed a couple of good repetitions on both sides, I went back and tried from the other end towards the tunnel.  Success again!

I then added a very low jump about 8 feet away.  Just to have him start a little differently.  From here I will begin to remove more wires and start to change my position.  I want him to learn the poles independent of me.  Not relying on a particular body language while he is weaving.

That’s it!  That completes his transition from channel weaves to regulation poles.  This by no means ends his weave pole training but it does end this segment about channel weaves!  Happy training!